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Sports and Education


Sports facility construction - indoor running track

Sports, health and wellbeing

Paragon Structures can help you create the perfect solution for sports centres, pools and indoor health and wellbeing facilities. Once created, the structure can provide a better return on investment because of the lower construction costs, quick build capabilities and sophisticated interior environment for large recreational needs. The structures’ bright spaces provide a natural setting for activity in all seasons, while an energy-efficient insulation package means comfortable climate-controllability, higher air quality and lower overall operating costs than most conventional sports facilities.

Swimming pools

Paragon can help you develop an ideal solution for swimming pools. With an aluminium substructure that’s engineered to resist rust and corrosion by design, the structures are durable and adaptable to any environmental conditions. The specially designed pool encapsulated insulation system performs extremely well in high humidity environments, while the translucent daylight panels and specially designed roll-up ‘Solar Lite’ doors add natural daylight, which enhance the overall swimming experience. A cost-effective and higher quality alternative to traditional pool enclosure buildings, the innovative design provides an immediate solution to any education centre or community looking to add year-round access to their pool facility.


Paragon Structures are ideally placed to help provide solutions to the educational sector. Suitable for a multitude of uses, from classrooms to sports centres, swimming pools to drama, music and theatre halls, Paragon has a significant focus on education.

Sprung’s rapid construction design along with a guarantee longer than most conventional structures, makes us the optimal choice for schools, colleges and universities. Incredibly cost-effective solutions make your budget go further and working with the manufacturer, Sprung, Paragon Structures can help you create facilities that will significantly surpass your expectations.

Sports facility construction - Education sector specialists