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Indoor arena facility.


Paragon structures offer the ability to build cost-effective indoor arena facilities easily and quickly. Our arena buildings perform in any climate conditions, all year round. If you’re planning on building an arena centre, the Paragon team will help you with design specifications and construction solutions for a high-quality facility that will meet your every need. Similar permanent and temporary arena enclosures have been built by Paragon’s manufacturer (Sprung Instant Structures Ltd) for decades around the world and have been proven to provide unsurpassed quality, durability, and return on investment.

Specific Uses

  • Covered Arena Structures
  • High-Performance Arena Buildings
  • Ice Hockey Arena Enclosures
  • Equestrian Arenas
  • Large Sports Arena Centres
  • Temporary Indoor Arenas

5 Reasons to Choose Paragon


Ideal Environment
Provide a bright, natural environment for all arena sports activities in any season with low energy costs.


Rapid Construction Schedule
Significantly reduce construction costs and timelines compared to conventional arena construction.


Extreme Strength
Designed to withstand any weather conditions including high winds, hurricanes, hail, and heavy snow loads.



Efficient Insulation
Achieve all-year comfort with an airtight building envelope and high-tech insulation system.


Custom Exterior Graphics
Customised colours and a wide variety of exterior wall options with high-quality custom graphics.

For details on how Paragon could help with your specific arena building project, please click below.

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