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Paragon Structures have a particular emphasis on high value machinery storage, staff dining and welfare.

The structure is the ideal solution for the construction industry because it is a fast, reliable shelter that can meet stringent regulations, strict deadlines and come in under budget. With a lightweight aluminium substructure and a proven performance architectural membrane, the structures can be crane-lifted into place, even during large concrete pours, and are durable enough to withstand hurricane-force winds. A limited foundation requirement also means a quick build process on even the most sensitive of surfaces areas.

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The Port of LA

THE REQUIREMENT A 74,000 square foot Sprung structure was recently erected

I would highly recommend a Sprung building to anyone who is interested in constructing a facility that is 'out of the box.'

Pastor Olin McSherry,
Redemption World Outreach Center
EPSA Caserones

THE REQUIREMENT EPSA is a company with more than 40 years of experience in

Marshall Aerospace

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Approaching 80 years in aircraft engineering, Marshall

Exxonmobil Complex

THE REQUIREMENT Sprung Structures sent eleven structures to the Sakhalin I

Harvard Business School

THE REQUIREMENT Harvard Business School’s Kresge Hall, which was built i

Martensville Athletic Pavilion

THE REQUIREMENT 140’ wide x 290’ long Sprung Structure The City of Mar