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Indoor football facility.


Paragon’s state-of-the-art indoor football facilities are specifically designed to be an ideal space for sporting activity all year round. Paragon structures allow you to construct a cost-effective indoor football centre in a variety of different sizes and configurations to perfectly match your unique needs. Our football structures are extremely robust, long-lasting, and made with high-strength, state-of-the-art materials—providing a faster and more cost-effective alternative to conventional construction.

Specific Uses

  • Covered Football Pitches
  • Practice & Training Facilities
  • Pitch Maintenance Buildings
  • Large Indoor Football Centres
  • Administration Space
  • Food Service Areas
  • Football Event Centres
  • Other Indoor Football Facilities

5 Reasons to Choose Paragon


Ideal Football Environment
Provide a bright, comfortable and natural playing environment in any season with lower energy costs.


Extreme Strength
Designed to withstand any weather conditions including hurricanes, high winds, and heavy snow loads.


Uncomplicated Construction
Significantly reduce building timelines, as well as costs compared to conventional construction.



Efficient Insulation System
Achieve all-year round comfort, almost no condensation with an airtight building envelope and highly-efficient insulation.


Custom Colours & Graphics
Get a fully customised exterior appearance with custom colour options and high-quality graphics.

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