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At Paragon Structures, we specialise in designing and creating indoor and outdoor swimming pool building solutions for both commercial and education-based clients. Our aluminium commercial swimming pool enclosures are engineered to resist rust and corrosion by design, making them durable and adaptable to any environmental conditions. Paragon’s specially designed pool encapsulated insulation system performs extremely well in high-humidity environments, while the translucent daylight panels add natural daylight.

A cost-effective and higher-quality alternative to traditional swimming pool construction. Building an indoor swimming pool with Paragon provides an immediate and innovative solution to any school or community looking to add year-round access to their swimming pool facilities.

Net Zero Ready Swimming Pool Enclosures

One of the key benefits of choosing our swimming pool enclosures is that our solutions are net-zero and as such are an eco-friendly alternative compared to the conventional commercial swimming pool construction option. We have been able to achieve this through using the following technologies:

Superior Airtightness

Our exceptionally airtight swimming pool structures minimise heating and cooling needs, cutting carbon emissions and energy costs. We are able to achieve an airtightness rating eight times better than building regulations requirements.

Excellent Insulation

Highly rated insulation minimises heat loss through the building fabric decreasing energy usage, carbon emissions and improves thermal comfort.

Building U-values of < 0.16 W/m²K significantly exceed building regulation requirements.

Specially Designed Solar Panels

Our specially designed solar panel system allows you to generate energy onsite resulting in lower electricity costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The perfect roof angle and large surface area maximise solar energy generation.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Heating

LED lighting reduces energy consumption, improves light quality, and reduces maintenance. Air source or ground source heat pumps maximise heating and cooling efficiency.

Low Embodied Carbon

25% better than LETI 2030 Schools Target of 350kg CO2/m2, making our swimming pool structures an ideal solution for schools and educational institutions.

For specific information on our commercial swimming pool structures, download our brochure below:

5 Reasons to Choose Paragon


Lower Capital Costs

Paragon Structure’s swimming pool enclosures are a cost-effective solution, saving up to 60% compared to the traditional indoor and outdoor swimming pool constructions.


Faster Build Times

Paragon structures are available immediately from stock and offsite manufacture minimises disruption. As such a typical structure is erected in 7 weeks, and a full swimming pool construction programme usually takes 6 to 9 months.


Lower Operating Costs

Operating costs are to a minimum through using specially designed solar panels and excellent insulation to ensure that our commercial swimming pool constructions have exceptional thermal performance and minimal maintenance requirements


Superb Internal Environment

Translucent daylight panels and glass walls allow natural light to illuminate interior spaces for an enhanced overall swimming experience.


High-Moisture Environments

Our swimming pool buildings employ anti-condensation technology, paired with ultra-strong frame systems which will stand up to any climate conditions and make the changes in season almost undetectable.

For specific information on how Paragon could meet or exceed the requirements of your next project, please click below.

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