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Permanent and Temporary Building Solutions

Paragon Structures is a UK business focused on developing state of the art facilities, with a primary focus on sports facility construction and education facilities. We are deeply passionate about delivering modern, environmentally friendly, state of the art tension fabric buildings that are a fraction of the cost of the conventional construction methods used in many building sectors. Whilst our focus is on sports and education we have a number of solutions that can fit almost any facility based need.

We are the UK partner of Sprung, the products manufacturer and will meticulously manage your project from first conversation through to the handover of your keys.

Tension Fabric Structure Technology

Our business partner, Sprung Ltd., developed their patented, advanced fabric tensioned membrane technology over a century ago, but it remains an industry leader to this day. These modern, clear-span, relocatable structures allow for rapid construction, total design flexibility and cost-effectiveness of almost any type of building project. The reliability and durability of these high-tech prefabricated structures is demonstrated worldwide, in countless applications ranging from sports halls and gymnasium structures, oil and gas buildings to military barracks, event centres to arenas, and aircraft hangars to mining camp buildings. Paragon’s prefab building structures provide a rapid, customisable and easily relocatable solution for any permanent or temporary building project.


Highest EPC ratings
Low ongoing running and
maintenance costs
Superior natural light
Rapid build time
Can be integrated into any
Thousands of custom
designed adaptations

Unbeatable prefabricated structure performance

All of our fabric buildings are made from extremely high quality materials, such as an aluminium substructure and performance architectural membrane. They are individually tested using strict specifications to outperform any other permanent or temporary structures on the planet. These portable buildings have proven their durability in some of the most extreme climates on earth, from the hottest deserts to the windiest arctic tundra and coldest mountain highlands. They even meet the strict Hurricane Compliance Code and have proven wind and rain performance: The only building left standing in Buras, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was a Sprung prefabricated structure.

Customisable prefab buildings for beautiful, enjoyable spaces

Beyond the highly functional performance and technical advantages of Paragon tension fabric structures, the beautiful interior spaces they create offer an abundance of light and roominess. Natural daylight, high ceilings and full-length windows create a wide open and spacious feeling perfect for many activities and applications, with an open and inviting aura that must be experienced to fully appreciate.

Quality, energy-efficient, relocatable buildings

A technical consultant is on-site with every project, throughout assembly to ensure quality is never compromised and each tension fabric structure is assembled to our high standards. Paragon fabric buildings have an R-25 to R-30 energy efficiency rating, which outperforms other types of construction and results in less environmental impact and lower operational costs. Additionally, there is almost no air leakage or condensation, thanks to their unique design and premium insulation.

Paragon’s tension fabric structure advantage

Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 certified, state of the art factories, each Paragon tensioned fabric building can be customised to your own unique design and functional requirements. Because of their modular design, these portable structures can respond to immediate relocation requirements. With over 2 million sq. ft. of stock immediately available, we can help you expand quickly and complete construction fast.

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