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Sectors / Oil, Gas & Mining

The UK is home to some of the worlds largest and most respected Oil, Gas & Mining companies.

Working closely with our clients, our structures have been designed for and used in some of the most inhospitable regions on earth to incredibly high specifications.

A Paragon structure is ideal for energy and exploration companies looking for a reliable structural solution that can be built easily and efficiently in remote conditions and within a short time period. As time of construction is a critical factor for most oil & gas structures, Paragon buildings can be rapidly built to accommodate for tight timelines as well as tight budgets.


I would highly recommend a Sprung building to anyone who is interested in constructing a facility that is 'out of the box.'

Pastor Olin McSherry,
Redemption World Outreach Center

With limited foundation requirements, energy efficient insulation packages, and options for temporary and semi-permanent constructions, the possibilities for oil and gas buildings are endless. Popular uses for Paragon structures include oil & gas processing facilities, on site warehousing, gymnasiums, and other oil and gas structures. Paragon offers a virtually maintenance-free product made of durable materials like aluminium, and a high-performance architectural membrane that ensures your oil & gas buildings are strong and built to last.