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Feasibility Report
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Currently in the UK there are 5072 public and private pools across 3882 sites. 2226 pools and 1711 sites are over 30 years old, which equates to 44% of the UK’s total provision. Usually pools have a life cycle of 25-30 years meaning many of these pool facilities will need to be replaced in the immediate future.

Use of conventional construction methods and materials make the building of new pool facilities very costly and usually unaffordable. Swim England contacted Paragon Structures and asked us to undertake a feasibility study for an innovative, high quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly swim and leisure facility.

Paragon Structures and Cowan Architects have developed this innovative concept design for a high quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly Swim Centre that can be rapidly constructed with economic cost certainty through a pre-designed, off-site solution.

Paragon and Cowan have developed the concept building form and layout in conjunction with swim and leisure industry experts, bringing together a complete project team to deliver a turnkey solution from design through to handover of the finished swim facility:

  • Paragon Structures
  • Cowan Architects
  • Synergy
  • Osborn Associates
  • WFBA Structural Engineers
  • FT Leisure
  • Myrtha Pools

The concept design develops a complete swimming and activity centre promoting health and well-being in an environmentally and economically attractive solution. We have utilised the world’s leading insulated tensioned membrane building from Sprung Structures and world leading pool technology providing unique design, construction and operating benefits, delivering a superior swimming environment at a significant lower cost.

The swim facility has been designed with a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and lifecycle costs. Utilising the Sprung building envelope minimises design and construction costs and significantly reduces the construction time, which in turn de-risks the project programme.

Time Frame 
A 30m x 37m Fully insulated building erected in 5 weeks and full build programme of 35-40 weeks compared to 1 year+ for a conventionally built pool facility.

The Paragon Swim & Leisure centre will be a state of the art facility using an environmentally friendly, cost effective and sustainable structure and construction methods. The ground floor provides an open and light reception area, leading onto a cafe and social space. From here you can access the changing village and the pool side or go up via the lift and stairs to the first floor activity spaces and poolside viewing.

Accommodation includes:

  • Fully accessible, naturally lit, 25 metre 6 lane pool, with views over the external landscaping
  • Swim England compliant pool sides and activity zones for community, school and exhibition swimming
  • Separate wet changing villages, connected to group rooms with multiple family/baby change rooms within both changing areas meeting all age-group compliance
  • Welcoming reception and arrival hall, linking directly to café, social space and first floor areas
  • Integral plant room and storage accessible directly from the pool hall

The first floor provides an open and light circulation area, connecting to the poolside viewing and activity/fitness areas. The spaces overlook the reception, café and social spaces and are supported by functional office, storage and toilet facilities.

Accommodation includes:

  • Fully accessible facilities for activity, spectating and viewing
  • Tiered spectator seating for up to 150 people
  • 200 square metre, divisible, multi-purpose activity spaces
  • Office and staff changing for activity and swimming pool uses
  • Small group/individual dry changing and toilet facilities adjacent to activity spaces
  • Storage for activity areas

Specific Uses
The specific uses are:

  • Community swim & leisure facility
  • Competition venue
  • Tiered spectator seating for up to 150 people
  • Facility can be rented out to schools, swim clubs and learn-to-swim operators
  • Multi-purpose activity/gym space
  • Café and social activity space
Swimming case study

Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center

Sport and recreational swimming pool

The Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Centre in Kearns, Utah, looked to Sprung for a unique solution that could be designed and erected to neatly enclose its Olympic-sized 50-metre swimming pool. With racing lanes used by local schools to house polo championships, the pool structure provides an enclosed environment for team matches that would have otherwise been played out of state.

The existing fitness facility presented some unique design challenges for Sprung, one of which included the proposed structure’s proximity to other buildings and pools on property. Sprung’s design department developed a solution to help meet this issue by transitioning to a 33.5m structural width from a 36.5 width on both flat ends to help attain a much closer fit to the other structures.

Working closely with Kearns, Sprung helped design a year-round facility that would provide the look and feel of a conventional facility, with the atmosphere and functionality of an indoor/outdoor pool. The combination of seven opal-translucent electrically operated Sunshine Doors and four translucent Kalwall door systems allows for a bright, outdoor environment without the inclement weather and harsh, glaring sun. The Sunshine door system opens upwards at the touch of a switch, and provides the structure with an increased level of natural daylight and cross ventilation.

With seating for up to 1,000 people, the 23,400-square-foot pool structure features a tan Dupont Tedlar Membrane complete with custom daylight panel application and Salem Blue Kynar membrane wave pattern at its base, and an R-30 encapsulated Johns Manville formaldehyde-free insulation package for comfortable climate control. An added Sprung connecting corridor provides easy access to the existing facility, and a state-of-the-art sound system with 2.4m x 4.8m full-colour, video-capable scoreboard provides an authentic sporting experience for all attendees.

Impressed by all the available options that could be integrated into a Sprung structure, Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Centre chose Sprung for its speed and quality of construction, energy-efficiency, and its virtually maintenance-free design. Besides a custom sprinkler system and natural day-lighting, the Kearns pool complex also features a custom inverted lighting package that uses a highly reflective, tensioned interior liner that uniquely diffuses lighting to eliminate blind spots during polo meets that would traditionally occur in conventional constructions.

Made fully operational just in time for their summer season, the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Centre used Sprung as its preferred solution of choice.

“Both swimmers and spectators have commented on how “comfortable” the facility is not only in the cold winter months, but also during the summer where we simply control the temperature by opening doors to the outside and exhausting air thru exhaust fans.”

Collingwood aquatic centre

Collingwood Centennial Aquatic Centre

Collingwood aquatic centre

The outdoor pool in Collingwood Ontario was built in 1967, and in 2013, was enclosed with a new high performance Sprung structure, allowing it to be used year-round. An additional accessible warm-water therapeutic pool was also added to enhance the facility. The pool is 25m long by 12m wide, with a water capacity of 540,000 litres. The Aquatic Centre is located in Heritage Park at the corner of Third and Spruce Street. (451 Third Street). It is operated by the Town of Collingwood Parks, Recreation and Culture Department.

A 27.4m wide x 64m long Sprung structure was erected in a 6 month timeframe and features a specially designed pool insulation system that performs extremely well in high humidity environments, while translucent daylight panels and sunshine doors add natural daylight to enhance the swimming experience.

“Sprung Structures were a great solution: a unique, patented, energy efficient, ready to use structure to house our outdoor pool, allowing us to turn it into a four-season aquatic facility. We were also able to include a warm-water pool to replace a previous one that had been decommissioned.”

“Day-lighting roof panels to maximize natural light and eight insulated doors to allow for an open environment in favourable weather ensure the building is energy efficient. The positive aspects of an outdoor pool will not be lost. Our users have told us they are thrilled at the fact that they can continue their aquatic fitness programs throughout the winter! The Sprung Company has provided Collingwood with a showcase, state-of-the-art facility, which is the envy of many communities.”

Specific Uses

  • New accessible warm-water pool
  • Viewing room that overlooks both pools
  • On-Site Cafeterias
  • Interior spectator seating for 250 people
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Family change room
  • Daylighting roof panels to maximize natural light
  • Four insulated doors to allow for an open environment in favorable weather
  • HVAC system throughout the facility