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Deliver your building on time and on budget

1st September 2021

Matt Sanders

Materials shortages are hamstringing UK building projects, but you can control costs and deliver your project on time, says Matt Sanders, director of Paragon Structures

Delivering construction projects on time and within budget is challenging at the best of times, but is currently being made all the more difficult by material shortages and sharp rises in costs. As a result, building projects across the UK – including new sports facilities – are facing costly delays.

Key building materials, including timber and steel, continue to be in short supply and product prices are expected to more than double during the course of the year.

All of this makes for depressing reading if you are planning a new sports facility for your campus. It’s likely that not only will your project be delayed while your builders wait for critical materials to arrive, but the cost of the build may also increase significantly during the course of the project as demand for scarce resources soars.

As specialists in the design and delivery of premium tensile structures for the UK sport and education sectors, we can protect our customers from these increasing lead times and price rises. Our partner Sprung Structures, which is located in Canada, has a staggering 200,000 sq m of building materials stored at its two facilities. With all the materials needed to create a bespoke tensioned membrane sports building already held in stock, they can ship the materials in three to four weeks from the date of order. Add four weeks shipping time to the UK and work could begin on your new sports building in just eight weeks. The 40ft shipping containers arrive to site containing everything needed to construct your sports building, including all of the specialist tools. We even ship over an expert from the Canadian office to oversee the development and ensure the project goes without a hitch – it really is the faster and smarter way to build.

And because all the materials are already in stock, there are no nasty surprises when it comes to costs. In fact, the price you are quoted when you place your order and pay your deposit won’t change at all. So, you can be assured of a high performance sports building with a lifespan of 30-35 years at the original price you were quoted, regardless of all the disruption and delay being experienced elsewhere in the UK construction industry. 

These unprecedented times for the construction sector come at a time when sports facilities are needed more than ever. If the Covid pandemic has taught us anything, it is the vital role that sport and physical activity facilities play in the mental and physical health of university students, staff and the local community. Keeping control of sports building projects, so they can be delivered on time and on budget, has never been more critical.

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