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How can we take a post-pandemic approach to construction?

2nd December 2020

Matt Sanders

The Covid-19 pandemic put the world on pause. But the question now is, what will our world look like post-pandemic?

In the construction sector, the hope is that we can rebuild better. 

The sector has seen projects halted and new opportunities stalled, but the temporary break also allowed businesses to take a step back and consider not just how companies within the sector can adapt, but also how to come back stronger.

Building a new normal

Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, we’re all keen to return to normality. But we all need to be aware we’re coming back to a new normal. Just as our old routines are being replaced by new ones, we’re looking forward to welcoming new construction solutions, too.  

With social distancing and restrictions still very much part of our daily lives, new building projects need to take into consideration what ‘coming together’ will look like in the future.

The need for workable, sustainable, flexible indoor and outdoor spaces – whatever life throws at us – is a key priority going forward. 

An industry bouncing back

2020 has taken its toll on the construction sector. Research by PWC revealed that 71% of contractors are concerned about the financial impacts of the pandemic, while 64% fear a global recession.

But there’s also a certain amount of positivity within the sector. According to research by Planning and Construction News, two thirds of construction businesses believe the industry is well placed to recover from the pandemic.

If businesses are to succeed, they need to take an innovative approach to construction. And there are lots of ways to achieve that. 

Adopting new technologies, such as cloud software can build greater collaboration and efficiency between staff. Partnering with the right contractor can create access to a pool of experts and a ‘ one-stop shop’ solution. While embracing new construction methods can help reduce timescales, costs and on-site footfall, at the same time as boosting a project’s eco-credentials.

Prefabricated structures are one way the sector can take a bold step forward post-pandemic. Off-site manufacturing has been met with resistance in the past. But as we know, times are changing and future projects need to be faster, greener, safer and more cost-effective.

At Paragon Structures, we’re committed to delivering modern, eco-friendly buildings that serve local communities and beyond. Our tension fabric buildings provide low-cost solutions that can be built quickly and adapted to any industry. 

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