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Mental and physical benefits of golf revealed in new report

28th October 2020

Matt Sanders

A new report from the R&A highlights the benefits a round of golf can have on the mind as well as the body.

The report, which is aimed at golfers, non-golfers, and golf bodies alike, draws upon scientific research and the collaborative approach taken by golfing organisations to analyse the impact of golf and health. It points out that even spectators following their favourite amateur and professional golfer around a course can benefit from the fresh air and exercise.

The report focuses on 10 case studies, including the promotion of health at events such as The Open, golf and disability, and improving people’s lives through golf memories.

It also looks at the future of golf and health as the sport seeks to increase uptake and continue the momentum and messaging to key groups about the benefits of this kind of activity.

Key health benefits of golf outlined in the report include:

·        Golfers live longer and are healthier and happier

·        Golf can help strength and balance and improve quality of life

·        Golf can be played by people of all ages and abilities, including with disability

·        Golf provides social interaction, a significant protective factor for mental health and wellbeing

·        Golf can help reduce health costs and can add value to health systems through social prescription

Speaking about the report’s findings, Martin Slumbers, chief executive of The R&A, said: “The scientific research clearly shows that there are significant physical and mental health benefits to be gained from playing golf.

“We believe that golf can provide a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to have fun, get fit and socialise with family and friends – something that is important to today’s society.”

Faced with a rising number of physical inactivity-related diseases and deaths around the world, the World Health Organisation is calling for action by sports.

And progress is being made.

For the past four years, the R&A and its partner organisations have been working to increase awareness of golf’s health benefits, improve the image of the sport, and boost advocacy for golf among government agencies and public health bodies.

Encouraging people of all ages into physical activity is more important than ever – as is having the right sporting facilities. Paragon specialises in the construction of modern, eco-friendly, tension fabric buildings, such as golf centres, where people can improve their health and wellbeing.One of our recent builds was a golf centre at Millfield School in Somerset. To find out more, get in touch with the team today.

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