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The role of sport in society. Time for change?

22nd July 2020

Matt Sanders

There are lots of lessons to be learned from the coronavirus crisis. One of them is the need to place more focus on making sure sport can better serve society in a post-Covid world.

Wherever you look, the message is a united one: sport is essential to post-coronavirus global recovery. But questions are being asked about whether the role of sport in society should return to normal. Or whether it’s time for a change to sport as we know it.

Which is why the International Platform on Sport and Development has identified themes impacting the role of sport in society now and in the future.

Here we look at two of those themes and show how Paragon’s innovative, eco-friendly sports facilities can help make sport in the community accessible to more.

Investing in teaching and learning

If sport and sport development are going to move in the right direction, investment in teaching and learning is a must. From sport degrees to community workshops, the training provided needs to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It’s all about educating people on how sport can transform their bodies, minds and communities. 

At Paragon, our focus on education means we are ideally placed to provide state-of-the-art sport education facilities. We develop a range of educational solutions including classrooms, sports halls and swimming pools. Our quick-build technology allows us to build in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Focusing on people and communities

The only way to truly level the playing field, is by taking a bottom-up approach to sport development. That means giving as much priority to grassroots sports in the community as elite and performance-based sport. By changing the way sport is viewed and celebrated, it can begin to better meet the needs of local communities. 

We have recently completed cricket and golf training centres at Millfield School in Somerset. These modern, eco-friendly, tension fabric structures provide a high-tech sporting environment for both pupils and the wider community. As a result, the school now boasts some of the best golf and cricket training facilities in the world. 

At Paragon Structures, we’re committed to providing the facilities people need to be as active as possible. We specialise in sports facility construction for both the leisure and education sectors and have made sport for the local community one of our key priorities.

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